Peugeot Urban Crossover Concept

In keeping with the CUV-crazy theme of this year's Beijing Motor Show, Peugeot has introduced this Urban Crossover Concept penned by the French lion's design studios in Paris, Shanghai and São Paulo. Eight inches shorter and three inches narrower than a Ford Focus hatchback, the concept is meant to be the ultimate expression of the company's decades of popular small cars, crossovers and design.
It is also said to show off Pug's new design cues, but we aren't told exactly which cues those are. At the moment, Peugeot isn't talking about what (if anything) powers its UCC, but perhaps we'll learn more as the vehicle continues to make the rounds of the auto show circuit. In the meantime, check out the press release by scrolling below and admire its angles in the high-res gallery.

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